Monday, July 30, 2012

North Litchfield Beach - third times a charm!

I was dreading the 17 hour ride with three kids under five from Benton IL through ATL through Columbia to Litchfield Beach.  Surprisingly the two night transit went quickly with the help of sunflower seeds and two portable DVD players - I think I got stickers and a picture book when I was young. We've come a long way!

 Our third "beach" vacation in 4 years, we appear to be keeping pace with our kid production. We established an am beach rhythm with the kids. The kids got more adventurous each day and were the adult's entertainment. Luke was inseparable from his "cutlass" pirate sword from uncle J and aunt S. Ava Marie has started to respond to adults by saying "uh-huh, uh-huh!" She was not quite as bold as her big brother in the waves but was not shy at working grandmother's puzzle. L hated the beach crying (more of a high pitch squeal!) and pulling his feet up everytime he would touch the sand or water, but as consolation - like his granddad - he discovered watermelons and loves them.

During our family picture foray we encountered a white crab - not sure if Ava Marie or the crab will ever be the same.  Both freaked out! The crab tried to escape while Ava Marie shrieked at the top of her lungs (even though daddy was holding her 4 feet off the ground). Fortunately no one had to go to the ER . . . swimmer's ear (1st year), stingray (2nd year) . . . K and I enjoyed two late night walks on the beach and went shopping while grandparents watched the kids . . . should probably watch your wives and husbands too!


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