Friday, December 24, 2010

Running in the Snow

“Whoever thought of this tradition is uninvited next year,” declared my father-in-law as we all loaded up in the cars to head out for our three mile road race. I think that this is now the second holiday in a row that I’ve run a road race, a little disconcerting and it was colder this time! The kids stayed warm though, don't they look happy! After the race we shared “high-low,” my high was definitely McDonalds and a cup of coffee post race, the low was at my first mile when I looked at my watch and realized that I was pacing at 7 minutes; I was in shape for 8 minute miles. It was a rough last two miles, but not as bad as my brother-in-law’s low. Katherine asked Jerry to go in and look for Jon, when Jerry came back out the 200 people who were standing expectantly at the starting line in the 22 degree weather a moment ago were nowhere in sight. No worries Jerry, next year you will be in Greece on stint and I will be running around a parking lot in Shelbyville in sub-arctic temperatures! And please no comments about the lime green running shirt!!

That little stinker!

How do you keep a fifteen month old and her three year old brother quiet for a nine hour car ride? Two words, Diapers and dumdums! Our first pit stop was right outside Chattanooga at a “real” Wal-mart where an overly friendly attendant made an unfortunate comment about Katherine’s hair. A mile later, I realized that I had inadvertently left Ava Marie’s diaper on the top of the van, we were not going back! Breakfast and nap #1 kept the kids content from Chattanooga to Nashville where Katherine discovered that the diaper was still on the roof! A mile later, she realized that she had forgotten to throw it away! Nap #2 kept the kids quiet from Nashville to Louisville where we finally threw away the diaper which had collected no little amount smog along its five-hundred mile rout! From Louisville to Mooresville we sang Veggie Tale tunes and passed out dumdums. I know you probably wish you were there to partake, just don’t forget the diaper on the roof!

Running in the Rain

K said I whined the whole way there! Actually, I think I started whining the night before. The idea of getting up early on Thanksgiving Day and running four and a half miles in the pouring rain has never been my idea of fun. Yet, thankfully my alarm went off at 6:45am and thankfully it didn’t start to rain till after the first mile and thankfully K and I both finished under 45 minutes. I was not Thankful when the guy wearing the air-Jordan high tops and big baggy sweat pants passed us at two miles. I hate being passed by non-runners, but I love my wife.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner cooked by my favorite m-i-l (the sweet-potatoes and the dressing were my favorite). Side note stuffing goes in the bird, dressing goes outside the bird. The blue-berry pie was the “bomb!” Rounded out the day by meeting my new niece who that morning had a parade thrown in her honor in morning.

Five Cremes and One Flying Kick: Thanksgiving 2010

We pulled away from Dunkin Donuts only to discover that the not quite awake drive through attendant had been confused by our order. “Five crème and sugars are better than two crème and sugars and the nine hour car ride from GA is better than the sixteen hour ride from TX,” I thought as I sipped my super sweet coffee and mentally prepared for our nine hour trip to “granddad’s house!” At the TN line the kids woke up and after munching on doughnuts, Luke enjoyed his toy circulars while Ava Marie tried not to become too embitter over being strapped into her forward facing “torture” seat.

McDonalds, while attempting to meet our dietary needs and failing miserably (“Mcgross”), provided me with the highlight of my day. Side note McDonald’s now charges for water! Does this bother anyone else? Is the economy really that bad or am I just “Mccheap?” After using the facilities, I told Luke that he could flush the toilet. Without batting an eye, he reached up with both hands and grabbed the bar next to the toilet to brace himself and sent a flying kick at the toilet lever. I’m not sure where he learned how to do this, must have been his mother.