Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gate E16

My Rock was waiting for me as usual at gate E16, but this time my rock would return with me. By my calculations this is my sixth or seventh trip to DFW during the last two years with AL. I acquired my rock shortly after transitioning to Apartment Life to memorialize a dream that God had called me to put on hold - as usual I struggled and God blessed despite His initially disenchanted servant.

Running parallel with my own journey, I had had a plan for this rock two years ago that didn't come to fruition. My memorial stone was to ride home with me in my carry on bag until the TSA agent informed me that I couldn't carry on small boulders onto the plane. Having become emotionally attached to my igneous friend, I couldnt abandon him (yes, this one is a male) so I placed him strategicly in the DFW airport landscaping at E16.

By coincidence one of the themes for our staff meeting was rocks of remembrances. As I wrapped up my presentation to the senior leadership, I brought out my rock and shared how God had been faithful during my two year season with AL. I then requested that my rock be shipped to GA where it can be joined with the rest of my rock collection as we prepare to make the jump to S. Illinois.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seven reasons to study James

1. One of two books of the Bible written by a brother of Christ - imagine always being compared to your older brother who happens to be the Son of God! :)
2. Likely the first book penned out of the New Testament corpus ("wik" it).
3. Short and straight forward - 5 chapters.
4. Luther called it a "right strawy epistle!"
5. Addresses problems we face today - trials, dysfunctional people, and our own pride.
6. 60 imperatives packed into 108 verses; a plum line realigning our lives & bringing God's economy in focus.
7. Called "Proverbs of the New Testament"

The Crossroad's class will be launching into the book of James over the next few months. In an attempt to chew steak (see previous post), if you would like to get more out of the God's Word please consider taking the following challenge (SBX style)!  We will be starting next week with James 1:1-18 (pages. 22-26).

Tall - read James 3 times in a week
Grande - work through the James study (prior to Sunday) - see link "James study" on the right side of blog under Crossroad's Bible Study
Venti - James study + memory verse - see table of contents in study material

Fillet Mignon or Gerber "baby" food?

Every Sunday morning American Christians get up and enjoy one possible two doses of the Word of God.  While this intake of God's Word is designed to be a compliment to a week filled with self study of God's Word, it is highly probable that for many this might be the only intake of God's Word. 

To those that I have had the privilege to teach I enjoy likening the homily/lesson of pastor/teacher on Sunday morning to Gerber baby food - it's easily consumed, delivered by another, and there has been no effort on the part of the receiver in the preparation - in short they are consuming what has been "pre-chewed" by someone else!  Imaging eating baby food all your life - the growth would not be impressive (convicting?)! 

I like to say, Gerber is for baby, but the end game is Fillet Mignon - much better!  The goal is to grow up and  learn to "chew" your own food!  Those that learn to "chew" God's Word for themselves (2 Tim 2:15) will find that the "pre-chewed" doses of God's Word that were once their only sustenance as "babes" in infancy becomes a delightful dessert or to complete the word picture the "icing on the cake" after a nice steak!