Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whale Sharks are Lucky!

With uncle S, aunt J, and "m," in toe, we zipped out of church to experience the Varsity (local eatery next to Georgia Tech) and take in the Georgia Aquarium. While post church Sundays are not prime time for people under four feet to be active, we relied on van naps and were prepared with a smorgasbord of snacks.

The Varsity gets an A for history but a much lower grade for food - three hours later the term "grease pit" was being used and the adults were feeling the side effects. Fortunately those under four feet were oblivious, I supposed if the adults had the luxury of car naps we wouldn't have complained either!

The Georgia aquarium - the world's largest - was impressive. It boasts three whale-sharks, several manta rays, sharks (hammer heads included), and beluga whales; but the museum was very crowded. Ok, it was extremely crowded and for a border-line introvert who likes to take a nap on Sunday, it was a little overwhelming. The silver lining was Luke enjoyed the whale-sharks, sea otters, and sea horses. Fortunately I enjoy living vicariously through my three and a half year old; not sure Ava Marie was quite as impressed.

A staff member shared that the whale-shark's throat (it's really a sifter - it eats through its gills) is the size of a quarter. I suspect all of the adults in our crew were jealous of a whale-shark as it couldn't have made the same mistake we did by eating at The Varsity!

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  1., the varsity was one of those worst life decisions....but the aquarium was truly amazing!