Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Makes Texas so "Grand" Anyway?

Having moved from Texas to Georgia, I am amazed by the floral array of Atlanta's spring and the lush greens that its wooded terrain affords. Despite the beauty of Spring in Georgia, I find myself looking forward to my brief jaunts back to Texas for our companies' senior leadership meetings. Though my kids are Texan by birth, I never thought I would become attached to this vast, wide open state where the hotels proclaim their Texan pride from the back of their room doors, but flying in to Dallas Forth Worth airport coupled with the view from my hotel room window, I found myself missing the wide open spaces and ambiance of Texas.

Bidding $65 on price-line had landed me at the Grand Hyatt rising up out of the middle of DFW's vast series of runways. With soundproof rooms, a pool on the roof, and a view that would make any Texan proud (you can see Dallas and Fort Worth from the roof) the Grand Hyatt afforded me a first: the unique opportunity to watch a huge airport wake-up while ironing my shirt. They say "everything is bigger in Texas!" I guess the 'Grand' Hyatt lived up to its name.

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