Saturday, October 15, 2011

"I'm Not Complaining, But...

I'm hungry, tired, and my arms don't work. [pause] Well, at least I wasn't complaining until I got into the car," declared my 29 week pregnant wife. I grinned; all I had asked for was a little internet research on the iPhone. The kids were subdued in their seats fighting off sleep in attempts to hold out for lunch. It had been a full morning at the pumpkin patch.

The tractor ride into the pasture where the kids fed a small herd of cows was a big hit. Shout out to the wife for finding the discounted coupon! Our adventure had proven successful for the alpha-male, but economical, hunter who had bagged a decent size pumpkin for $6. We're planning to have Papa carve the pumpkin next weekend . . . I have not so fond memories of my hand being forced into the pumpkin guts! (oooo! It makes my spine tingle) Thanks dad!

The highlight for K and me was watching the kids chase the free ranging chickens (Ava Marie actually cornered a couple). I could see Mic in Rocky II grinning and saying out of the side of his mouth, "Greasy, demon lightning speed!" (Go watch it, it's a classic). K would like to have a gaggle of chickens as we cycle through eggs like none other, she would also like a cow for milk, a cow for meat, a churn for butter, and garden for greens. Ok, so I exaggerate with the churn. I myself would like anything that I could grow for a profit (economical and a capitalist). I'm thinking watermelons in the summer and pumpkins in the fall. Could pay for the kids education. Note to self: talk to granddad about watermelon and pumpkin growing. I digress . . .

Luke grinned with delight when the miniature goat grabbed a mouthful of his jacket . . . Ava Marie just squealed, but couldn't quite pluck up the courage to touch the goats. Oh you could tell she wanted too. Probably refrained because she thought they were trying to eat her brother.

All in a a great time! Though I think K would find parallels in her chasing the kids and the kids chasing the chickens. Sure hope we get her arms fixed!

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