Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's all about me?

The night before I left for my three day business meeting in Dallas, my wife asked, "Are you excited?!" I replied, "Yes!" But as an exemplar of woman she felt the need to push a little more on my pithy male response. What are you excited for? "The flight," I answered, but I wasn't sure why? Typical male!

So the next morning I did a little study and this is what I found. I like waking up when all is quiet and dark. I enjoy grabbing a Dunkin Doughnut's coffee on my our long transit to the airport. I was pleased when I found parking close to the terminal and delighted when I went in to the Delta Sky club and realized that I could request to be shifted from the middle row to an isle seat. Enjoyed going to the Delta Sky club, very bourgeoisie! I loved watching the Monday morning commuters hustling through the airport to catch flights (people watcher - thanks mom!). I was a satisfied customer when I discovered that I had been given the isle seat right behind 1st class. I, I, I . . . why do I love flying, I guess because it's all about me

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